Chris tries to unplug

Feeling very inspired by Gone Girl to pen this post – see below quiz –

How good is Chris at going unplugged?

A.) He’d be fine if he didn’t have an exam tomorrow (in “History of Economic Thought” nonetheless. Yeah I’m not entirely sure what that means yet either)

B.) Awful. He is after all blogging RN (right now)

C.) Just as good as anyone else.

D.) I can’t really come up with a fourth choice. Listen, I’m not Amy (plus I haven’t killed anyone)

Turns out the truth is probably a combination of all four. While I have become exponentially better at putting homework down and focusing on things I enjoy (reading for fun, working out) I still find some weird comfort in the glow of my MacBook. I sit there staring at homework while simultaneously responding to emails, reading Atlantic (ok the occasional BuzzFeed sneaks in too, I can’t front), peeping instagram, and checking to see if anyone has FINALLY favorited that HILARIOUS tweet of mine. Yet I’m not really focused on the work. I think that might be my angle on “unplugging,” focusing, and I mean fully focusing on one thing at a time. I recently read somewhere that sacrificing breadth for depth is often a wise decision and that’s what I think might be the point of this week’s experiment, doing one thing at a time and doing it fully. I guess we’ll see though, I’m already 7 minutes passed “unplug” time.




I had a very corporate internship this summer, the type where the employees seemingly have a coffee cup glued to one hand and obtain less sleep than a zombie. Don’t get me wrong-these people are ambitious and hardworking. They also terrify me.

My team went out to lunch one day with The Boss. We began discussing vacation plans for the summer, and The Boss divulged that she enjoys spending her vacations in the Outer Banks in NC. She admitted that she is able to tuck away for about an hour each day on vacation to respond for emails and stay aware of what was happening at work. She is obviously incredibly successful in, and dedicated to, her career, and it is a wonderful accomplishment that she juggles her work life and her family life. But for me, I am terrified that I will become unable to take (full) days away from work to enjoy the hot summer sun and chasing down the Fudgy-Wudgy man (hopefully) with my kids.

Anyway, how is this related? Chris and I have decided to go unplugged, at night, after 10 PM for the first week of the blog. This time is to be spent away from screens, instead choosing to read, sip tea, practice a yoga pose or chat with one another.

Admittedly, the first night introduced some challenges, and very Millennial challenges at that. As I was brushing my teeth, Chris was browsing for a book on his iPad. Did this count as reading? Reading a paper book is certainly being unplugged, but on an iPad? What if he is only on the iBooks app, and avoids the internet at all costs? The jury is still out on this one.

I can’t lie, though. I laid down in bed and within ten minutes, my phone buzzed. I ignored it and then it buzzed again, a reminder that I failed my Millennial duty of answering my texts immediately! WHATIFSOMEONENEEDSME and I responded to my classmate, with an impressive lack of self-control.

So night one was a little bit of a failure. We will see what night two has in store for us.



10 minutes

Folding your laundry. Taking out the trash. Changing the toilet paper roll. Cleaning the top of the ceiling fan (that you know has been accumulating dust for too long).

Why do we assign such dread to these simple chores? They pop into our minds when we see them, and we think to ourselves, “I’ll do it later.”

I have been guilty of some of these in the past few weeks, and I have my mom’s voice in the back of my head. “Does it take less than 10 minutes? Do it right away and then you won’t have to think about it anymore!”

For the next few weeks, I am going to try to make a conscious effort to slow down. I have more time than it feels like I do. Time to stop assigning “bad” qualities to menial tasks and just get them done.

10 minutes. Don’t put it off!


Establishing our Brand…

For anyone who has spent more than 10 minutes in 154 (aka our house) you’ll know that conversation over the past few months has revolved around “establishing our brand.” We won’t name names but we follow quite a few (2) people closely on social media and envy how well-defined their brand is. While this blog will likely showcase things we like and things we don’t, hopefully it will help us develop our image over the future months here. Maybe along the way our brand might just even emerge.