fiscal fast


ok, promise not to make this a failed new year’s resolution, but I’m going to do my best to blog at least once a week. Holding myself accountable to at that. So what’s new in the life and times of the grape street kids you ask? The holidays are all over and throughout that time I have to admit I had a streak of bad luck. The Jetta officially died, my bike tire broke, and my phone was drowned by someone I won’t mention by name. Anyway, for a few days it felt like I couldn’t buy a bounce. Luckily, my parents stepped in multiple times to save the day and I couldn’t be more thankful. My mom got a BALLER new car and I took the Accord (which is pretty cool too). They funded a new phone when yet again Sprint’s insurance program proved to be a true scam. Throughout the whole process though I realized how expensive the world is, like I could not have afforded any of that. We always talk about being poor college students but I currently writing this in a heated house, while cooking dinner, as my premium Spotify plays in the background. It’s almost like we glamorize it. Anyway that’s another post another dollar. Back to my point. Life is expensive and I am bad at saving money. The next few weeks I’m going on a fiscal fast. I’m actually calling it that because it makes it seem fun right? Anyway, goals are as follows:

Wake up early enough to brew coffee at home and take it to go. The Eagles are done and even though Dunkin’ keeps trying to pull me back with 99 cent iced coffee I’m going to stay strong. Plus, buying coffee out used to be something I treated myself to. Now Volo and sbucks are the norm and I need to knock it off. Did you know what a red eye is? It’s a coffee from Starbucks with s shot of espresso. Apparently a black eye is one with 2 shots. Is this common knowledge? Anyone want to buy me one? I’m on a fiscal fast over here.

Pump the brakes on the amazon purchases. Hard. Finish the books I’m reading now before I move on (Atlas Shrugged, Spiritual Genius, and a travel book for Brazil if you were wondering).

Fill up my gas tank every time I even think about crossing the Ben or the Walt into Jersey. That shit is CHEAP there and they also pump it for you which is worth a million dollars when it is this cold outside (s/o to lady sykes in Chicago. It was -1 there this morning!).

Cook at home for 6 out of 7 dinners a week. Find a way to buy cheaper organic chicken (don’t worry mom, I’m buying the regular until I can find cheap).

Open a grown up savings account and put 15% of each paycheck in.

Uber less. Ride my bike more. 3 weeks no material purchases.

Saving $$$$,



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