quick! can you overnight keys???

Ok. You would think that someone that loves traveling as much as I do would be a little better at it. Fall break was this weekend and I was lucky enough to head back to the ‘burgh for a few days with the fam squad. On Friday morning I woke up, showered, and looked in my bag to get dressed for the day. Here’s what Thursday afternoon Chris thought would be good to pack:

– iPhone charger (seems sensible)

-(2?????) vests (apparently in case the weather was particularly fall-like?)

– (1,000) pairs of underwear (no idea why.)

– jeans

– (1) shirt.

Honestly…that’s it. I’d like to say it was just me being a good packer. Everything I needed and nothing else. This was as far from the case as possible. I had to borrow just about everything I wore this weekend (s/o Andy & Dad) and looked kind of like a fool as I attempted to not look like a fool. To make matters worse, even after I checked to make sure I had everything with me on my return to Philly, I discovered I left my car keys in Pittsburgh…..wut.

What’s the point here? I started thinking, why are you SO bad at packing, Chris? I think I came up with an answer. Most of my day to day operations work around my phone. I check emails for confirmations. I have pictures of most important documents, usernames, calendars etc. stored securely in my phone. I don’t have to think about things until I need them for the most part. My phone even reminds me about upcoming assignments and to keep working on long term projects at a good pace (s/o to Dr. J for the wunderlist intel). So, while so much of my stuff is in the “cloud” I’m down here bopping from task to task. While it’s not like I’m completely mindless about the whole thing, I think I’m missing some of the bigger picture. While it’s helpful to have the cloud full of information that I can pull from whenever I need it, I’m thinking I need to start being a bit more mindful of where I am going and why (or adding more detail to iPhone events). Either way, I think it’s an indicator of responsibility. While I’m a strong planner, I think it needs to be a goal to think about how where I’m going and what I’m doing will affect other people, how my plans need to include them as well (thanks for overnighting the keys, mom). Anyways, just a thought.




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