I find solace and peace in the mornings, but I have to admit that I was dreading this week’s challenge a little bit. 5 AM is just SO early, especially when I’ve got JB snoozin’ right next to me.

Monday was a complete and utter failure. With JB home for the night, I was all alone. While this may seem unrelated to waking up, he has early classes every day of the week, so I am usually woken up before ever needing to actually get out of bed. Predictably, I did not awake at 5 AM and upon trying to open my door, Chris realized that I had locked it the night before. Oops. With a 6:30 rise and shine time, it was still the earliest I’ve gotten up since my internship this summer.

Today, Tuesday, wasn’t a whole lot better. Although I got out of bed at 5, I quickly fell back into slumber. MBA classes have a pretty strange schedule, so I started all new classes this morning. Therefore, I had no outstanding homework to complete. It was pretty easy to convince myself to go back to bed. I did get up at 6:30 once again, which feels like an accomplishment after sleeping in until 8/9 AM every morning this semester.

This week’s challenge has been especially interesting to me, considering recent developments in my own life. Within the last few weeks, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Basically, this means that my thyroid is sucking at being a thyroid, and I get tired out really easily. When I wake up, it feels like being in a fog-even if I just slept for 12 hours. I started treatment last week, and although I am starting to feel a little bit better, it will take about two months for me to feel totally normal again. My point in bringing this up is that this challenge causes me to wrestle with instant gratification vs. discipline. It’s so easy to tell myself that I’m tired and should go back to sleep, even though I could very well nap in the middle of the day if I feel worn out. Therefore, it’s really the discipline aspect that I want to focus on for the second half of the week, ensuring that I am not making excuses for myself instead.

Also, I definitely buy into the “successful people rise early” theory. Don’t I owe it to myself to rise and shine to join the club? 😉

Sweet dreams,



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