Good Morning!

This week’s challenge – get up at 5 am everyday. Melissa and I have read a ton of article’s over the past couple of weeks about “successful” people. One thing, according to many of the articles, these people have in common is they get up early and start their day long before the rest of the world has hit snooze for the first time. So at 5 am today I got up and started the day off strong. After the gym and breakfast, I wrapped up some homework I didn’t get done over the weekend. Here I am now writing a blog post with some time left over to start studying for a quiz tomorrow and putting a presentation together. I’ve gotten more done in the quiet morning than I get done on the average day. So far so good, we’ll see if I can stay awake in my art class tonight.

Besides all this rise and shine business, Brad made another philosophical contribution yesterday (Brad’s one of our yoga teachers who has a lot to say, sometimes we get it, other times not so much). He was talking about having things “under control but not controlling.” I thought this was pretty useful insight, particularly when working on long term school projects. When projects are under control, they flow pretty easily. Put in an hour here, another hour there and before you know it you have a pretty good piece of work. I think when you find yourself stressed out about homework and projects is when you are trying to “control” the work. You’re fighting with it, forcing yourself to sit down and get it done. Instead of having fun learning and being creative in the work you are under its pressure and in fact letting it control you. As is the case with many of these types of things, it’s likely easier said than done. I’ll let you know if I can figure out how to have fun while reading Karl Marx this week.

Now, if only the Eagles could win every day, this whole getting up early would be easier with a free coffee.



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